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Eisenmann Exhaust Systems - Interactive sound and video presentation at IAA 2011

Client: Eisenmann GmbH, Hemmingen
Agency: mehr:wert
Year: 2011

Eisenmann Exhaust Systems are famous for their remarkable sound. So for the International Motor Show (IAA) 2011 in Frankfurt Eisenmann wanted to let their customers experience some sound examples in combination with videos they recorded.

Therefore an interactive Slideshow was created to let the customer choose from different videos/sound files via touchscreen. An automatic slideshow starts if there is no interaction. When a user taps on one of the shown brands, a sidebar slides in and shows the sound files or videos that are available. The application is fully self-editable via XML-file. Soundfiles, videos, text and images can be edited and replaced by the Eisenmann staff itself.

See the working demo here:

Eisenmann demo
(opens in new tab - reduced video examples and optimized for web)

More information:

My part:

Concept, interface design and programming of the desktop application in Adobe Flash/AIR with ActionScript 3 and integrating files dynamically via XML-file. Editing and Decoding the videos, images and audio files.
Interface Design | Photoshop | Adobe Flash/AIR | ActionScript 3 | XML | Adobe Media Encoder


Click on the image to open the working demo (opens in new tab)


Interface of the Slideshow


Selection-sidebar and running video of a car example


Eisenmann booth at IAA 2011


Close-up of the installation with speaker on top for the soundcheck