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Switching Wall - Gesture based, interactive media installation

Final thesis at Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule, Nürnberg
Agency: Werbe-Studio Hohmann, Berlin
Year: 2008/2009

The Switching Wall is a set of seamless plasma screens, that reacts on the movement in front of it. A camera on top of the screens detects movements and gestures of users, who can interact with a Flash Application by just moving their hands.

As a prototype, the installation was used to show concepts of different application possibilities that could be used on trade fair stands. For testing purposes a game was created in which users could score points by collecting bubbles (see the video below). The thesis was realized at Werbe-Studio Hohmann in Berlin, an agency that creates corporate architectures for trade fairs, showrooms and exhebitions.

More information:

Toolbox-Interaktion - the project website of the Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule |
Toolbox Wiki - the technical information site |

My part:

Concept and research, programming of a prototype game in Adobe Flash with ActionScript 3. Writing of a thesis in a corporate look and documenting the process of the thesis. Final layout in InDesign.
Adobe Flash | ActionScript 3 | InDesign

Switching Wall testing and bubble game


Diagram of the setup and functionality


Rough sketches of an application example


Test setup of the installation


Playing the bubble game