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Allianz Webinar Teaser - Flash Animation

Client: Allianz SE, Munich
Year: 2011

To advertise their new intranet tool for Market Management, the insurance company needed an animated teaser for their webinars.

The idea was to use their corporate post-its to question some issues that are useful features of the management tool. The tool itself was shortly introduced by showing animated sequences of a user interaction. At the end the viewer could register in one of the three webinars by writing an Email and get an invitation.

For reasons of confidence no images that contain sequences of the Management tool can be shown here.

My part:

Creating a post-it Design template and animate questions as a hand-writing effect in Flash. Animation of the user interaction with the Management tool. Integrating a replay function and the register buttons for the webinars.
Photoshop | Flash & ActionScript 3

webinar 1

Questions are hand-written on custom Allianz post-its

webinar 2

The answer to all the questions is combined in one tool

webinar 3

After the presentation of some features, the user can register for the webinars