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Noche Flamenca

Client: Centro de Arte Flamenco - Flamenco studio, Berlin
Year: 2010/2011 (annual)

Print Design for the annual event 'Noche Flamenca' which takes part at Café Schalotte in Berlin.

Every year the Centro Flamenco offers its students the opportunity to perform on a big stage. Apart from smaller performances of individual groups at summer and Christmas parties, the “Noche Flamenca” of the Centro Flamenco is held once a year.

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My part:

Graphic Design of Poster, Flyer and Program
Layout | Photoshop | InDesign

noche poster

Poster and Flyer Design for the 'Noche Flamenca 2011'

noche flyer back

Backside of the Flyer 2011

poster design 2010

Design for the 2010 Poster and Flyer

noche flyer back 2010

Backside of the Flyer 2010